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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Round Up ~~ July 22, 2018

It’s Sunday, a little rainy outside and I’m trying to catch up with a number of good albums that have been landing on my desk. No fancy writing, none of my usual track by track discourses, but lots of quick impressions. Let’s rock…
Dennis Jones Band – WE3
This power trio, Jones on guitar and vocals, Sam Correa on bass and backing vocals, and Raymond Johnson on drums recorded fifteen tracks live, all but one originals. The recording is pristine, I can hear every drum stroke, every bass thump, and all of Jones’ sweet guitar breaks. There’s a lot of rock and plenty of soul in their music, but everything is deeply rooted in the blues and I have to tell you, they sound great in a live environment. Loved the soulful delivery on Passion For The Blues and Enjoy The Ride.They are definitely on my list to catch if we’re ever in the same vicinity. As they are out of New York, I’m thinking a road trip might be in order. First, I’m going to take a trip and check out their website
John Clifton – Nightlife
This album is pure energy from beginning to end. Clifton sings and plays harp and a little acoustic and lead guitar. Scott Albeyta handles most of the guitar chores and Matt Moulton plays bass. John Shafer and Roman Rivera split the drums. The album is a mix of originals and covers and Clifton sings them like he owns them. I hadn’t heard the Leiber/Stoller song Last Clean Shirt in a while and his version is a lot of fun. And how can you go wrong with an original titled Swamp Dump? That one has plenty of atmosphere. Be sure to see what they're up to at their website
Elliott And The Audio Kings - Long Live The King
Another Power Trio, seems to be a theme today, this time from the great country of Canada, where they make some amazing music that the rest of us don’t always hear. You should look for this album because these guys swing hard. Mike Elliott plays guitar, harp, and sings; Jonny Sauder plays drums, percussion, and sings back up while Scott Fitzpatric plays bass and sings back up. All twelve songs are written by Elliott and they have a fresh sound. From the opening track, Zim Zam Zoom through titles like Pringles And Perrier and Day Drinking, they guys infuse a great deal of humor into their work. Yes, they are seriously fun. If they ever head your way, be sure to go see them. More information and tour dates at their website
Carolyn Fe – Sugat Ko
This one came completely out of left field, but it is a beautiful album with rich lyrics delivered by a luscious voice. Fe explores boundaries and surpasses them with her approach. The title of the album, Sugat Ko, means “my wound” in her native Tagalog, so you know you’re not going to hear the same covers of the same song. Make no mistake, she can drop a great cover of blues classics as well as anyone in the business, but this is a personal album that covers the myriad facets of her life. Having discovered her now, I’m making it a mission to find her previous releases. So, I’m heading to her website and I urge you to do the same.
As always, thank you for your company and be sure to drop by on a daily basis to see new reviews of albums and live shows. If you have music you would like to submit for me to check out and possibly air on Time For The Blues, feel free to submit them to the address below.

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  1. I am listening to an older Dennis Jones Band album. Wow. I would love to see them live. It looks like they reside in CA now. So far!