Thursday, April 27, 2017

Time For The Blues ~~ April 29, 2017

This is MY show! Get that Death Star out of here...
Henry and I hope you will join us for Time For The Blues this Saturday night, April 29, 2017 at 11:00 because we are planning to get wild. Or at lease semi-wild. It’s hard to say with guys our age on the prowl that late at night.
I’m looking forward to it because it’s a Henry show. That’s right, he came to me one day and said he was going to do everything for the show. Except write the blog, post it on Facebook, or go on Twitter.
Other than that, he was going to do everything.
It reminds me of when my father would announce he was going to do the cooking that night. Of course, my mother had to prepare the side dishes, dad wasn’t going to do that. Oh, and she needed to do the salad, because dad would be too busy cooking the dinner. And she would have to set the table, because that wasn’t part of cooking dinner, nor was clearing the table and doing the dishes.
Nope, not part of the plan at all.
Eventually dad would burn the dinner (he claimed to have invented “Blackened Food” as that was the way everything turned out) and we would trundle off to whatever fast food joint was nearby.
Oh well, at least the table was set for the next night.
Yes sir and ma’am, Henry is cooking up the show tonight, so we should be ready for anything.
**Don’t tell Henry any of this part! Pinky swear and I’ll tell you why Henry is doing all the show. See, someone, ahem, Henry, ahem, is always complaining about my desk being too messy and extolling the virtues of his clean desk. And it is clean, mainly because Henry is always fixing things in other parts of the station.
I stay at my desk and go through piles of CDs since I handle all the new music. Lately, Mr. Clean Desk has been collecting a number of CDs on his own and instead of listening, planning, and filing; he’s stacked them up like a tower on one corner of the desk.
You know that famous tower in Pisa? The one that goes off on about a 75-degree angle? Well, let me tell you that if it was made from a stack of CDs, someone would be yelling “Timber” in Italian.
Henry’s stack fell off of his clean desk and landed on the clean floor. He picked them all up and said, “Hey John, I’ve got a show!”**
That’s how we ended up with a show we like to call, Henry’s Bag Of Blues!
The good thing is, he did pick some great material, including with a selection from our friend and multiple award winner, Lisa Mann from her latest album, Hard Times, Bad Decisions. When Lisa is not out winning awards as the Bass Player of the Year, she’s out touring the world and we are hoping that maybe one day that tour will bring her closer to Virginia so we can get in her the studio to talk with us. C’mon Lisa, we’ll even introduce you to Big Bird!
A couple of new albums that Henry’s attention were Moreland & Arbuckle’s Promised Land or Bust and Stax legend William Bell’s This Is Where I Live. We played a little from each, although not recently, so it’s time we revisit them for another dose. We think you will like both of them.
A very cool album from 2016 was Anthony Geraci and the Boston Blue All-Stars with the release Fifty Shades of Blue. One of those All-Stars was Monster Mike Welch, and Geraci returned the favor by playing keys on Welch’s new album with Mike Ledbetter, Right Place, Right Time, that we will be featuring shortly. The track we'll feature this weekend has Darrell Nullisch on vocals and harp and I think we’re going to have to feature some of his other work in the near future.
John Mayall, John Mayall. Also in 2016, Henry and I got a chance to catch a true blues legend--John Mayall in concert at the Tin Pan and let me tell you, that man can still rock the house. He was out supporting his latest album Find a Way to Care, so we’re going to hear a selection from that as well as one of his more – well, different songs from the 1971 classic Back to the Roots. Henry tells me that this was the first Mayall album he bought as a kid—and he still considers it a great investment, even it did cost him all of his hard earned chore money!
We’ve also got a nice number from Fiona Boyes from her 2015 album Box & Dice. If you have never heard her, you are in for a real treat – she can play with the best of them and sing circles around most.
You know if Henry is picking the show, we’re going to have classics and for one whole set we’re going to visit that crunchy Memphis sound that started with Stax and spread over to other labels. We’ve got a song from Booker T. and the MGs that I can’t believe we have only played once in the nearly elevin years we’ve been doing this show! And we’ve got some Albert King and the Goldwax label's James Carr who should have been a much bigger star.
Speaking of classics, we can’t wait to sample a song from The Paul Butterfield Blues Band from their second album East-West. Their music is still powerful and relevant and I love introducing new blues fan to this hard driving band.
Remember, once you’ve seen Henry dance, it can’t be unseen. There’s a reason I’m always teasing him about the way he moves on the dance floor. Be that as it may, we’re going out with a song from The Lyrics (with a little help from the Topnotes) that should have ignited a dance craze but didn’t.
So do what you have to do to join us at 11. Sleep late, take a nap, grab that caffeine, just be sure to join us. We’re going to have a great time and we sure would love for you to come along for the ride. You know where we’re going to be, point your browser to or join us on one of the Idea Stations: 89.1 WCVN, Northern Neck; 90.1 WMVE, Chase City; and the flagship, 88.9 WCVE-FM, Richmond, where it’s always Time For The Blues!

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