Monday, January 11, 2016

Trudy Lynn Sings Everything Comes With A Price

Houston native Trudy Lynn has been singing since the ‘60’s working with blues and rhythm and blues while building up a loyal local and national following. Her approach to the blues quickly reminds you of those great shouters and belters that were never shy about making their emotions known. Let some of the others sing quietly and whisper to the audience, women like Lynn bounce their voice off the back of the auditorium and hit you with their power going past you and coming back.
No stranger to recording, she’s recorded something like ten albums and appeared on four more compilations, her latest, EVERYTHING COMES WITH A PRICE, now available on Connor Ray Music, is strong on the blues and makes you feel like you are in an intimate club and somehow Lynn is singing just to you.
Lynn is backed by several strong musicians, including Steve Krase on harp; Randy Wall on keyboards; Terry Dry playing bass on most tracks with Rock Romano playing on one; and the trio of The Mighty Orq, Paul “Lil Buck” Senegal, and James Henry sharing the lead and rhythm guitar work.  Lynn has written four of the ten songs on the album and recorded others written by Marie Adams, Lucille Bogan, Alberta Adams, Hattie Hart, Ella Johnson, and Clara Smith. She manages to mix them all seamlessly into a beautiful cohesive album that brings the past into the present and makes the present feel universal.
The overarching connector on all of the songs chosen is the power, the confidence of Trudy Lynn in her voice, her presence, and her ability to sway the listener. To listen to her is to revel in a resonant and delightful experience. If you are a new listener to this great performer, you have so many more CDs to sample to further your discovery.

While mixing her blues past and present, Lynn ends the album on a beautiful gospel number Living Humble. She may be living humble, but her voice is a glorious instrument well played and it has the power to convert the unknowing to the beauty of the blues.
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