Friday, August 25, 2017

Time For The Blues ~~ August 26, 2017

Henry and I hope you will join us on Time For The Blues this Saturday night, August 26, at 11 as we crank up the fun and bring you some great blues. Lately, we’ve had a few days of cooler temperatures signaling the end of summer is near and we’re rolling like a freight train to the end of the year.

One band that never cools off is our buds, The Nighthawks. They’ve been rocking for many years and have become one of the few things out of Washington DC that you can trust. I’ve been following them longer than any other blues band and every time they drop a new album, I’m the first in line to get a copy.

When we got a copy of their latest effort, All You Got To Do, from our friends at EllerSoul Records, I pounced on it and now we get to share it with you. These guys really deliver the blues, and if I may, “All You Got To Do” is listen in and I think you’re going to agree!

Just because I can, I’m also going to drop in a song from an earlier release, Damn Good Time, and that’s a title that’s very prophetic as I think you will have a “Damn Good Time!”

Another feature focuses on Scott Ellison, a very underrated performer that we discovered when he dropped Elevator Man a couple of years back. We’re going to play one selection from that fine album and a few more from his latest release, Good Morning Midnight.

As Time For The Blues airs at 11 on Saturday nights and runs for an hour, we often say “Good Morning” to Midnight, so that’s a title that really appealed to me. Of course, after I sampled the disc, I couldn’t wait to bring it to the show.

Then there’s some new artists that impressed us, including the Scottie Miller Band, from their impressive album, Stay Above Water. From their very cool album, Last Nights at the Leopard Lounge, comes Michele D'Amour and the Love Dealers.

I still can’t say their name without breaking into an outrageous French accent, sort of a cross between Pepe Lepew and that taunting guard in Monty Python And The Holy Grail. However you say their name, you’ll be saying it a lot after you hear their sound.

Also up is the amazing bass player Joseph Veloz, who has dropped his debut album, Offerings. We’ve got a great song from him with Lucky Peterson on the vocals.

A band that’s in transition, Andy T Band, which was formally called the Andy T Nick Nixon Band, is moving from one lead singer to another on their album, Double Strike. It’s a smooth transition as Nixon is retiring from the business and Alabama Mike is taking over without missing a beat.

If you like your blues with a rocking edge, might I suggest Dani Wilde, from across the pond. You know Henry loves his Brit Blues, so as a special treat for him, I’ve included a side from Wilde’s Live At Brighton Road, which is available now from VizzTone.

Last, but certainly not least, is a new group out of Texas, the Milligan-Vaughan Project, which features a young man, Tyrone Vaughan, who is the latest member of the musical Vaughan family. Tyrone is the son of Jimmie and the nephew of Stevie Ray, and he’s one helluva guitar player. Maybe it’s in the genes, maybe it’s that he has to try harder to live up to their reputation. Whatever it is, this man has it.
So, do what you have to do to join us at 11. Sleep late, take a nap, grab that caffeine, just be sure to join us. We’re going to have a great time and we sure would love for you to come along for the ride. You know where we’re going to be, point your browser to or join us on one of the Idea Stations: 89.1 WCVN, Northern Neck; 90.1 WMVE, Chase City; and the flagship, 88.9 WCVE-FM, Richmond, where it’s always Time For The Blues!



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