Thursday, June 29, 2017

Megan Flechaus ~~ What We’ve Got ~~ Special Bonus Review

I've never reviewed a single before, but there's a first for everything. Recently I had the privilege of listening to the angelic Megan Flechaus and reviewing her album, New. I was hoping I would hear more but never figured I would hear anything so soon.
Her latest song is called What We've Got, and she has such a clear country voice that rises over a cool shuffle beat. Drummer Nathan Smith does a great job creating a train rhythm and she even employs a flute to soar and give a little counterpoint to her vocals. Kenzie Slottow is her flautist, and what a beautiful sound they make.
You can pick the single up at CD Baby, but first you might want to go by her website to sample some of her other music and see where she’ll be on tour. I happen to think she has a gorgeous voice, and if she comes within 100 miles of me, I’m going to be in the front row to listen to her. She’s got all the tools to break out, and I only pray that she gets heard by the right people. At the same time, I hope she can stay true to her style and not get caught up in the machinery that homogenizes these talented artists.
What We’ve Got is already downloaded into my personal frequent playlist, and every time it pops up, I hit the repeat button. I think you’ll do the same!

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