Thursday, April 20, 2017

Time For The Blues ~~ April 22, 2017

Henry! Lose the shades. It's 11 p.m.
Henry and I hope you will join us this Saturday night, April 22, at 11 for a fun show with lots of great new music and even a look back at one of the great blues rockers of all time, and it’s just for you.

One of my favorite parts of this job, and I hesitate to even call it a job when you have as much fun as we do, is finding new blues to share. One a weekly basis we get a fair amount of new CDs in to evaluate. Many of them are okay, not great, but okay, but some we get in will knock your socks off.

Those are the ones I like to write about ( and really love to play on Time For The Blues. Henry and I have each discovered a number of favorites this way. Hopefully, you’ve found some new artists that have made their way into your personal library, and maybe some of the ones you’ll hear this weekend will soon be added to your collection as well.

For example, this week we’ve got the great sounds of Hurricane Ruth LaMaster, a tiny lady with a gargantuan voice. If you’ve never heard me, please trust me when I tell you that she has pipes like you’ve never heard. She grew up in the business and listening to the greats who played in her father’s theatre, and is well-versed in a number of genres, but she does the blues like nobody’s business.

Her latest album is Ain’t Ready For The Grave, and it’s a very lively album. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) I loved it, and after Henry heard it, he agreed that we needed to get her back on the air pronto. We’re going to share a few tunes from this album, and even one from her previous EP, Winds Of Change.

Another big feature on this week’s show is a look at guitar virtuoso Sean Chambers. Chambers has a blue ribbon background serving as Hubert Sumlin’s guitarist for six years before striking out on his own. His latest album, Trouble & Whiskey, his sixth solo album, has been on the charts for a while and we’re going to sample some of his best work from it.

Henry reminded me that we played some of Chambers’ work a couple of years back and fished out the CD, The Rock House Sessions, for me. I liked that album a lot and found a hot number to add to the ones from Trouble & Whiskey. I think you’re going to be impressed by Chambers, we were.  

Last week we introduced you to a great concert album of some of the great singers from blues, rock, and even country who got together to sing the songs of legendary artist Gregg Allman. The album that was released, All My Friends: Celebrating The Songs & Voice Of Gregg Allman, is a great document of the concert.

As you might imagine, given the fact that the Allman’s were one of the greatest jam bands, the spirit of the night was free and expressive. One of the artists we’re going to share, John Hiatt, you think of as a great blues performer, but the second one is going to be a surprise for you – and for Henry!

We’ve got more new stuff for you from Canadian bluesman, Strongman (aka Steve Strongman) from his new CD, No Time Like Now, as well as Vin Mott from Quit The Women For The Blues, and another impressive woman, Lauren Mitchell from her smoking new CD, Desire.

So do what you have to do to join us at 11. Sleep late, take a nap, grab that caffeine, just be sure to join us. We’re going to have a great time and we sure would love for you to come along for the ride. You know where we’re going to be, point your browser to or join us on one of the Idea Stations: 89.1 WCVN, Northern Neck; 90.1 WMVE, Chase City; and the flagship, 88.9 WCVE-FM, Richmond, where it’s always Time For The Blues!



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