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Time For The Blues - February 11, 2017

Yes, we need new photographs....
Henry and I hope you will join us on Time For The Blues this Saturday night (February 11th) at 11:00 p.m. as we pull out another fine show for your listening pleasure. That is, if you define “fine” as being lots of great music – some with a Virginia twist – and more than a few bad jokes.

People ask us when we’re finally going to get around to working with good jokes, and my reply is generally, “These are the best jokes we know…” Hopefully, we’ll get better at them, but in the meantime, we sure can pick some great music.

Who’s playing you ask? Well, check out what is in store for you. First up we’ve got a very cool Virginia group, Urban Hill, who hails from the Tidewater region. (That’s for my fellow geology nerds who remember that Virginia is made up of the Tidewater, Piedmont, the Blue Ridge Mountains – Valley and Ridge – and the Appalachian Plateau regions. Rock on, brothers and sisters…) One of the founders of Urban Hill, Paul Urban, was hanging out at the River City Blues Society holiday party this past December and we got to talking.

Urban’s a good guy, and a helluva player, as I found out when he took to the stage to jam with our pals, The Forrest McDonald Band. Urban impressed the entire room and even though I was unable to catch the full band the following week, he was kind enough to drop their latest CD in my lap. Damn if it wasn’t good, very good.

Now it’s our pleasure to drop it on the air for you to enjoy. We’ve got a few selections from that latest CD, Straight Talk, along with one from their previous release, The Real Deal. And if you don’t mind a little “straight talk” from me, I think you will discover that they are indeed, “the real deal.”

But stick around because we’ve got more for you, including one of the hardest working men in the blues industry, Mike Zito. Zito is one of those guys who is always doing something to make the blues world a little better. Aside from making some killer albums, including his latest, Make Blues Not War, of which we will be sampling Saturday evening, he’s a major producer and a great guitarist.

Aside from the sides from the new release, we’re going to slip in a selection from one of his previous CDs, Greyhound. I think you’re going to discover that he puts out a great product and you just might want to go get some copies of these as a starter set.

The next set will feature some other friends of ours, Anthony Rosano And The Conqueroos, who are currently working on a brand new album that is being produced by – you guessed it – Mike Zito! Rosano and the boys recorded a live album at The Broadberry when they opened for Tab Benoit. They used the album, Roo’d Awakening, as a Kickstarter incentive to raise funds for the even newer album.

Now, thanks to superblueswoman Dr. Anita Schlank, who lent me her copy of the album, we’re able to share it with you. Don’t worry Anita, I’ll give it back, I promise, with our undying thanks.

That’s one of the things I like to climb up on my soapbox about – the amazing community that are blues fans. So many of you have reached out with great suggestions and connected us to artists and publicists that help make this show possible, and we are eternally grateful. Those of you who have contributed albums for us to play or to build up our reserve library, thank you! You know who you are, but trust me; Scott, Joe, Ellen, Anita, and all of the rest of you are a big part of Time For The Blues!

!!BIG NEWS!! Just as this blog was about to go to press, I received word that Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos just won two VEER Awards as one of the top musical acts of the Hampton Rodes area. They took home these coveted awards in the Blues as well as the Best Live Performer categories. I can tell you they faced some stiff competition and we offer our congratulations to them. What a week, awards AND a set on Time For The Blues!

And after all that, would you believe there is still more? You should, because we have selections from Tim Gartland as well as Tom Craig and Soul Patch. I think you are going to enjoy these gentlemen very much.

Who cares if we’re on late? You’re a grown up, you can stay up as late as you want. Or are able. We’ll be there, but it won’t be the same without you, so take a nap, sleep late the next day, or do whatever it is you do to make sure you’re hanging with us.

We’re going to be on the air at 11:00 p.m. eastern time and you can find us on one of the Community Idea Stations or over the internet at You can also find us on Facebook – just do a search for Time For The Blues and you’ll come right to our page. We’re waiting for you right here on 88.9, WCVE-FM, where it’s always Time For The Bluuuuuues!

(No old computer equipment was harmed in the making of this show or the writing of this blog…)


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