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Time For The Blues January 21, 2017

We hope you will join us this Saturday Night (January 21st) at 11 for what could prove to be the greatest Time For The Blues ever played on that day! We’re not kidding, for that one hour on that one day, it’s going to be the absolute best blues show airing on our station. You don’t want to miss it.
How good is it going to be you may ask, and I’ll tell you, we have the latest album from the one and only Mississippi Heat! This over the top band has been doing some great work for a number of years and their new album, Cab Driving Man, may be their best to date. Led by their band leader, harp player, and number one songwriter, Pierre Lacoque, handles that old school blues sound like no one else.
We started playing some of their selections when we received one of their albums a few years back. It blew us away and we eagerly await any new releases since then. Just to whet your appetite, we’re going to feature three songs from the newest release, and one from an earlier – just so you get a taste of just how good they are.
Our second big feature of the night will focus on an amazing concert that was held a while back to celebrate the musical genius that is Dr. John. The word “genius” gets bandied about a little too often for my taste, but in the case of Mac Rebennack – aka Dr. John – it is completely warranted. As a songwriter, his work has been covered by the who’s who of contemporary musicians; as a piano player he is in constant demand to sit in with all the best players; as a musical historian, if he tells a story, you better listen because it’s going to be great; and as a singer, once you hear that voice, you’ll never forget it.
Well, one night back in 2014, a bunch of his friends got together for the concert of a lifetime and it was released as a two-disc CD. I spent my allowance on this one and trust me it was well worth it! Joining the good Doctor are the likes of Bruce Sprinsteen, Tab Benoit, Chuck Leavell, and John Fogerty. I think you are really going to like The Musical Mojo of Dr. John, and it’s out now on the Concord label.
That’s enough to get excited about, but it’s only half the show! We’ve got so much good music to play, I really don’t know how we’re going to get it all in. Seriously, Henry and I may just have to stop talking in order to make it happen…
Yeah, dream on. You know we’re going to have to talk about something. So let’s talk about some of this great new music we’re going to unleash.
We’ve played a couple of selections from the Texas Wunderkind herself, Ally Venable. She is such an accomplished singer, player, and songwriter, that I honestly did not realize just how young she is. I’ve written a lot about young performers and believe passionately that the future of the blues is in good hands, and after listening to Venable and her band, I am more sure of it than ever. We’ve got one more selection from her outstanding debut album No Glass Shoes. It’s on Connor Ray Music, a very cool label out of Texas.
Another performer that we’ve featured is Ray Fuller and his group, The Bluesrockers. Their album, Long Black Train, is one of my favorite recent releases. It’s got a hard driving sound and once you play it, you’re going to keep hitting that repeat button. I could pick any song from that album and play it on the show, and this week’s selection should get you up and moving around.

We’ve also got Wisconsin based The Jimmy’s, who went all the way to Transylvania to record their most recent album – and it’s a live album as well so the energy level is very high. Or maybe that’s because they were performing in the land of the vampires and everyone was a little worried…

I hope everyone had a chance to catch the Reverend Billy C. Wirtz and The Nighthawks when they recently played The Tin Pan. Catching these guys live is a guaranteed great time. But if you didn’t, we’ve got the next best thing, they teamed on a live album that was recorded here in Richmond, and was released on EllerSoul Records. We’ve got a cut from one of the all-time great blues party songs.

Speaking of the Tin Pan, and I say this because they have been bringing in some amazing blues acts lately, be sure to catch Davy Knowles when he plays there in February. Just to give you a taste of what this talented performer can do, we’re listening to a track from his most recent release, Three Miles From Avalon. Good stuff.
But where’s the Obligatory Willie Dixon song you might ask. Well fear not Constant Listener, we’ve got one of Dixon’s best as performed by Donald Ray Johnson on his new release, Bluesin’ Around.
So there you have it, an hour of fast moving blues for your listening pleasure, and undoubtedly a bunch of bad jokes to go along with it. Hopefully you will forgive us the jokes and just concentrate on the great music.

That’s Saturday Night, January 21st, starting at 11 eastern and who knows, maybe this is the week Henry’s actually ready on time. But I wouldn’t count on it. Just count on kicking back and tuning into WCVE-FM or join us online at where it’s always (say it with me now, you know you want to) Time For The Blues!

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