Saturday, November 26, 2016

Tune In For Some Hot Leftovers

Ah, you got to love those Thanksgiving Traditions. I’m sure your family has its share, and we certainly have ours around the Time For The Blues World Headquarters. For one thing, there’s great food and scintillating conversation. At least that’s what I’m told. Henry and I tend to be glued to separate television screens – his is blaring football, and mine is tuned in to the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Turkey Day Marathon.
When it’s finally time for enjoying the great feast, for some reason there’s never enough room at the adults table, so Henry and I are exiled to the children’s table (an old beat up card table) where we are seated on wobbly chairs. At least we don’t have to talk politics,
Afterwards, when the tryptophan is kicking in we look up and realize we have to put together a show for Saturday night. After all, it’s our traditional HOT LEFTOVERS show, our major tradition created exclusively for Time For The Blues.
This is Henry’s baby, and I’m only saying that because he doesn’t get enough credit sometime for having really good ideas. Plus, if I give him praise in public, he won’t ask for a raise this year….
But seriously, we’ve been doing this show for a little over 10 years now (shameless plug) and this has been the one show we’ve done every single year. Think about it, after Thanksgiving, we practically live off of leftovers for the better part of a week. And I for one, love it!
So what better excuse is there for us revisiting some of our favorite performers from the past year and playing a song from their album that, for whatever reason, did not make it onto one of our shows? Henry spends the better part of the month of October going through all of our shows, checking playlists, and combing through albums to see what we missed.
Then he puts them all together, and finds those little nuggets that we might have missed and before you know it, he has assembled one giant smorgasbord of a great blues show.
Now I’m getting hungry. So without further ado, you should get ready because on Saturday Night at 11 we are pulling out all the stops (not to mention our belts that are suddenly very tight) and playing some great music you should have heard earlier, but didn’t.
Here’s the menu for tonight: we have helpings of Lisa Mann, our friend from Portland who’s been winning just about every award the past couple of years with songs from her 2016 release Hard Times, Bad Decisions. For our Cajun inclined family and friends, we have a nice selection of Alligator. Alligator Records, that is. We have music from Luther Allison, Curtis Salgado, and Toronzo Cannon.
Very tasty!
How about a little music from the ladies? We have Fiona Boyes and Janiva Magness, two of our favorite women who play the blues.
Then we’ve got a few little odds and ends. What can I say? Some people like their sweet potatoes with little marshmallows and some don’t. We’ve got Junior Wells, Guy Davis, and Jimi Hendrix. The Hendrix is cheating a little bit, because we just got the record in and couldn’t wait to play it.
Another of our specialties is our Unusual Suspects Show where we feature people who are not normally associated with the genre play the blues. Henry has not told me what’s going to be in this set, but he swears we’re going to enjoy it.
(Henry here, John hasn’t seen this part. I’ve got what may be the ONLY Beach Boys blues song, one from early James Taylor, and a Dave Edmunds song we’ve never played before. I think you’re really going to like them. Don’t tell John though, I like to fool him.)
So shake off that too much food feeling and get a little funky. Take that nap if you have to, but be ready to stay up late and shake off a few calories because we know you’ll want to move around.
Time For The Blue, Saturday night at 11 eastern on 88.9 WCVE-FM and online at We’ll save the drumstick for you, or at least some Tofurkey…

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