Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers Ride The Long Black Train

Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers Take A Great Ride on a Long Black Train

I am definitely late to jump on this fast moving train, but now that I’m here, I’m riding it to the end of the line. Originally from Ohio, Fuller formed his first band in 1974 and quickly became the go-to opening group for every major blues group that came to the area.
Since that time, he’s honed his chops as a Saturday headliner at Buddy Guy’s Legends, and the 2014 album he cut there (Live At Buddy Guy’s Legends) stayed on the Roots Music Reports charts for 16 months. Fuller and his group the Bluesrockers, which is comprised of Fuller on guitar and vocals; Myke Rock on bass; Darrell Jumper on drums; and Doc Malone on harp; have followed up that major release with one that could stay on the charts even longer.
Long Black Train is a pulse pounding hard driving blues album that is a pleasure from the first note to the last. All 14 songs are written by Fuller and there’s not a weak one in the bunch. I could play a different song for the next three and half months on Time For The Blues and never worry that we were playing a bad tune. I’ve already planned out representatives for the next half dozen shows and can’t wait to share them with you.
Rock and Jumper anchor the rhythm section and give Fuller and Malone ample opportunity to take leads that soar. It sounds great on the album, and I can only imagine how tight everything must fit when they are playing live. This is stripped down blues with very few frills. It doesn’t sound like the band has overdubbed anything – this is it, a kick ass quartet who can drive with the best of them.
While they can tear up just about any song with manic energy (Burn Me Up, Devil’s Den, Hip Shakin’ Mama, and more) they can also mellow down and give us a power ballad (Voodoo Mama, Cold Day In Hell, and more) and they have more than a dose of swamp driving their music.
Long Black Train is a very strong album and among the best I have heard this year. Fuller and Company are one of those band that once you find them, you will want to get all of their work and play them frequently.
As you may well imagine, Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers are in great demand. Not only do they play regularly at Buddy Guy’s Legends, they appear in major festivals and other clubs. They are currently off to Europe bringing their brand of high energy blues to the continent.
Be sure to check out their website in order to catch up with their tour dates, albums, and other information. And check back often, you won’t want to miss any opportunity to catch ‘em when they play near you.

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