Sunday, September 4, 2016

Today In Blues History September 4

Today in Blues History

September 4

In 1918, Piedmont blues guitarist and singer Archie Edwards was born in Union Hall, Virginia. During his decades spanning career, he worked with the likes of Mississippi John Hurt, Skip James, and John Jackson. He is best known for his recordings of Saturday Night Hop, The Road Is Rough and Rocky, and I Called My Baby Long Distance. In the late 1950s he owned a barbershop which attracted blues musicians who in turn helped his career.

In 1930, John Cephas was born in Washington, DC but was raised in Bowling Green, VA. He was a Piedmont guitarist who along with his partner, harmonica player Phil Wiggins, became one of the best known duos for keeping the sound alive. They recorded for Flying Fish, Chesky, Alligator, and Smithsonian Folkways.
Cephas and Wiggins – Richmond Blues:

In 1934, U.P. Wilson was born in Shreveport, LA. Wilson was a guitarist and singer who performed Texas Blues. He recorded five albums for JSP Records, starting with Boogie Boy! The Texas Guitar Tornado Returns! He was best known for playing deep Southern Soul Blues that had gospel influences.

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