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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch Deliver Texas Sized Fun With Champagne Velvet

Believe me when I tell you, I am not complaining. Lately there has been an avalanche of good music sliding across my desk. So much, that I haven’t been able to keep up with it, but stay with me pardner, because I’m going to keep plugging away at ‘em and highlight some of the best.
One of the first things I noticed about the album Champagne Velvet by Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch was a blurb inside the album cover. It reads, “All sounds on this album were made by real people with guitars, bass, drums, and voices. No digital tricks or nonsense.”
Oh man, I was ready for that. Sometimes I get tired of hearing too many “tricks or nonsense” on an album and that’s one reason I constantly harp on how a song might sound live. I want to hear the musicians and the singers blending their talents and seeing where that leads.
The three musicians in question are Jason Elmore, who provides all the vocals and guitars; Mike Talbot on drums; and Brandon Katona on bass. That’s it. No special guests in the studio or working a thousand miles away and sending in horn lines via phone lines or the internet.
Just good old fashioned, play it hard and sing it loud good times.
The main ingredient in this Texas style barbecue is fun. You can hear it echoing in just about every note. This is not just the blues. Since Texas created itself out of so many different and vibrant cultures in order to carve out its place in the world, so too does their music reflect different styles and genres. There’s plenty of blues for the traditionalists, but also listen for rock, rockabilly, and country in this musical mélange.
All 14 of the songs were written by Elmore and he shows a certain maturity and assuredness in his writing even while maintaining his mischievous attitude. His lyrics are clever – fun when they want to be (Double My Money, Cross-eyed Woman) and quiet and moving when that suits his mood (Right as Rain, Wish). The group even tosses in a trio of instrumentals (House Rocking Boogie #7, Lament For Evelyn McHale, Champagne Velvet) each with a different mood.
I wasn’t familiar with Elmore and Company prior to receiving this album, but within a couple of minutes I was genuinely hooked and will be looking for them in the future.
As a matter of fact, by perusing the band’s website (http://www.jasonelmore.net/) I discovered that they have released two previous albums, so I’ll be getting my hands on them so I can give them a full feature on Time For The Blues.
This band is worth seeking out as they deliver a fun-filled album full of twists and turns that just make you want to hear more. I highly recommend it and hope they will find their way across the country so more of us can catch them live.

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