Monday, September 14, 2015

Andy Poxon MUST BE CRAZY - Oh Yeah!

I kind of feel like I’ve been watching Andy Poxon since he got started. I know that’s not really true, at some point he had to not know how to play the guitar like an old-school phenom, but it sure doesn’t seem like it. His first couple of CDs, also released on EllerSoul Records, were very good and I’ve been eager to see what new directions his career would take him as he finished college and took his first adult steps in the blues.
The latest CD is MUST BE CRAZY, and trust me, you would be crazy not to have this find CD in your collection.
Okay, this is the album I’ve been waiting for from Poxon. Considering his young age and massive talent, that’s not too bad. Nothing wrong with his first couple of albums – we featured them both on Time For The Blues, but this one showcases a stronger maturity in his songwriting and more confidence in his vocals. His guitar work has always been first-rate and now he’s truly come into his own.
On MUST BE CRAZY, Poxon has deepened his sound with Jim Hoke’s saxophone punctuating the songs and helping it swing. The keyboards and co-production provided by Kevin McKendree gives Poxon’s guitars something to play off of and the balance is solid.
Comparisons to other guitar slingers are inevitable, but whenever anyone asks me who Poxon sounds like, my only response is that he sounds like Andy Poxon. He’s crafting a sound that is uniquely his and that’s electrifying to hear.
Poxon wrote or co-wrote all 13 of the tracks on the CD. His co-writer on four songs was co-producer Kevin McKendree who is no stranger to success at a young age himself. McKendree, perhaps best known for his work with Delbert McClinton, is one of the most in-demand producers and session players around. Together they make a formidable pair.