Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Thanks for sticking around and you have my utmost respect and I hope you will accept my apologies for being away from this blog so long. Let’s just say it’s been a tumultuous year and leave it at that. I’ll probably bore you with some of the details later, but for right now, let’s get back to the blues!

I am fortunate enough to have been asked to emcee this year’s Parkfest! I am very excited by this opportunity as several of the performers are friends, and the River City Blues Society has supported Time For The Blues this past year and they’ve been a great addition to the family.

Don't forget you can catch Time For The Blues on Richmond's Public Radio, 88.9 WCVE-FM or on the internet. 

Anyway, if you find yourself in Richmond that day, you definitely want to check it out. Look at that line-up…

The show starts at 2:00 and runs to 10:00, it’s going to be a blast and I hope to see you there. Any quest6ions? Shoot a line to the River City Blues Society and tell ‘em The Professor sent you.

(The Parkfest Poster was borrowed from the River City Blues Society website. If the owner wants us to remove it, drop us a line and we’ll comply. But we’ll pout about it until suppertime…)